Over the many years that Louie has been involved in powerlifting, he has gained a vast amountt of knowledge on how to produce strength. It is this knowledge and expertise that has lead to the production of twenty-five (25) World and National champions, and a world record in the 400m dash by Butch Reynolds. Also, Louie’s methods of training have resulted in twentyfive 700 lb benchers till august 2007 and twelve 1000 pound squats. Westside has provided information across World but those numbers are results from members of a small private club.

As a result of Louie’s experience and knowledge, over 100 training articles have been published and 7 training videos produced. He is a strength consultant for the Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, and numerous college football teams. He is also a strength consultant for many athletes from around the world.

This book, based on Louie´s articles offers you a total Westside package. It leaves no stones unturned and is a perfect tool for lifters and coaches. This book will teach you to coach yourself.